Testimonials from parents



"Suitable location and good reputation" (Head of St Anthonys)


"All teachers put children's welfare & development 1st.  They treat each child as their own and create a warm & nurturing CLPA family".


"The fun atmosphere & the chance to try new activities".


"Caroline was very helpful and the offer of a free week was very useful which my daughter thoroughly enjoyed".


"My daughter has been here before and enjoyed it very much.  She left with no bad feelings other than to try other dance classes and a new routine and to meet up with friends.  She always missed CLPA and how professional and friendly it was.  So we are now very glad for her to return".


"I have followed one of the instructors on facebook, school has years being established, looks well managed, also more local"


"Close to home & after speaking to instructor felt comfortable it was the right choice"


"Very impressed on trial days and has been highly recommended"


"Reputation good & local"


"Positive reviews, very friendly and local"


"Felt unhappy with our previous dance school - not progressing and didn't suit.  Sunday class is ideal for us for now"


"The range of subjects on offer, value for momney and quality of teaching"


"I have been to other classes but after just 2 classes at your school I found the girls in class & teachers amazing with my daughter".


"Brilliant reviews, family members also attend"


"I enjoyed coming here myself and there are a lot of available classes for my daughter".


"It's close to home and it's professional"


"It looks like a school that works hard"


"Caroline made me feel at ease and covers all aspects of my career I hope to persue"


"To hear that it is like one big happy family, to know my daughter would be welcomed."


"The location and links to DS also helped in decision"


"My friend said it was really good here and teachers are lovely"


"Brilliant reviews, family members also attend"


"Seen performance at Alton Towers - the talent and teamwork of the students and the welcome received on first visit"


"First call to Caroline and girls first visit so welcoming"


"Friendly yet organised school.  I was very impressed as my daughter wants to progress through dancing"


"Really enjoyed taster session so we decided to stick with it.  Very impressed"


"Moved from another dance school who didn't follow accredited exams like yourself.  Also told how there was a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere"


"The proffessional attitudes of the staff even with young children"


"Local, teach Acro which I love and is a nice friendly school"


"I heard that it was the best dance school in the West Midlands and offers the most opportunities".


"Are happy to help my son who has learning problems"


"Knowing how well you have looked after another little boy you teach with DS"


"Found on website proffesional & achievement of the school so far"


"The professionalism shown throughout the school and the friendly atmosphere"


"I'd heard a lot of positive feedback about the school and teachers"


"Presentation on website excellent - visit proved to be welcoming and professional"


"Positive reviews, very friendly, local"