Sam Bood

All the world is a stage and also men and women are merely players Sam Bood aka drama queen!

I have been a qualified dance and drama instructor with SDDA since I have been 15. I specialised in drama as I found acting to be my fortay!! I have also taken my diploma in drama where I achieved Honours with fabulous feedback. I have a real flare for acting and have participated in many pantomimes and productions from a young age through the dance school.

Now being a teacher I am able to share my childhood experiences I have learnt through drama with the pupils so they, themselves can become confident, expressive through mime and learn to develop social skills such as emotional feelings of everyday live. Also accents to help with auditions and becoming a particular character and have the ability to read aloud to others which helps with confidence with a group or alone!!

I am also a qualified Tap, Modern and Acrobatics teacher. I teach children from 3 to adults this is something that I enjoy so much it's my life. It something that I have been dedicated too for the last 20+ years since I could walk really moving up with the current trends hip hop plays a big part in the dance and music scene at the moment even though it's been going since the 80's back in the days of "break dance ". I and a couple of the other teacher have attended a UDO course to become qualified instructors and be able to share a syllabus with children and adults in early 2013.

So thanks to all the wonderful students we have you are extremely talented and our little stars.  I am proud to be part of the team.
Drama- come along learn new life skills, become confident in something that you may lack in. Shine in an area that you never thought you would.
Dance- Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.