Louise Smith

I started dancing at the age of 12 – up to then my interests were gymnastics and athletics.


One summer holiday I was bored and stumbled across a dance class at The Community Centre at Northicote School. This is where Caroline and I first met and she taught me my first dance steps.


Over the next few years I studied Modern, Tap and Ballet and quickly worked my way up through the exam grades sometimes doing 3 exams a year in some subjects as I wanted to catch up with the girls of my own age. At the age of 16 Caroline approached me and asked if I would like to become a student teacher.


I continued to study hard for my exams and as new subjects were added I became involved in those too. Over the years I have been involved in annual productions, competitions and workshops.


I have now been teaching for Caroline at the school for 27 years and I actively teach the following subjects – Ballet, Modern, Acro and Tap.


I am the head of the Ballet School something which I am very proud of and over the years I have studied for my Teacher’s Diplomas. I hold them in Ballet, Modern and Acro which means that I am a mentor and guide for every teacher/student teacher, part of my job is to ensure that their training is done correctly and I love knowing that I can help other teachers achieve their best.


Now a mom of 3 I can see how important having something you love to do plays a huge part in your childhood development and hopefully making memories to last a lifetime.  My 2 girls are now pupils at the school.


Dancing is a big part of my life and for the pupils I teach I hope I can bring as much enjoyment to them as what it has brought to me.