Lizzie Edwards

I started dancing when I was 3 years of age at The Sheila Groom School of Dance in Wolverhampton where I did Tap, Ballet and Modern. I took part in Annual Shows and also took examinations on the N.A.T.D and I.D.T.A examination boards. In Jan 2004 I met Caroline Lewis who was the principal of the Caroline Lewis Performing Arts School in Wolverhampton and started lessons at Caroline's school as well as being at Sheila Grooms, as they were on different examination boards. I continued this for 2 years until 2006 and then left Sheila Grooms and continued with Caroline. Whilst with Caroline I was doing shows and examinations and also had the wonderful opportunity to attend The Royal Ballet School in August 2006 and then performed at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. After spending numerous years with Caroline I decided to go through my Student Teacher's Program and taught with Caroline and the team, gaining excellent teaching skills and a good understanding of all subjects and grades.


In June 2009 I moved to Shrewsbury to be with my partner. After taking some time away from dancing, I decided I wanted to get back into teaching and continue with my teacher's qualifications. So Caroline and I decided to open a branch in Shrewsbury and I would take on the dance school as my own business and become the principal. We opened in Jan 2011 and after our first 12 months which some of them have been very tough we have established a wonderful school. The School in Wolverhampton is now the Head Office for the S.D.D.A Board and Caroline is now Area Coordinator. Caroline assists me in running the dance school and hopefully making it a huge success like the Wolverhampton Branch.

In September 2011 I also became a qualified ZUMBA instructor and started teaching ZUMBA classes across Shrewsbury. I now also work and teach for Shropshire Council and do ZUMBA Courses at the Gateway in Shrewsbury and assist with their New You Courses and also do an After School Club at Radbrook Primary and Hanwood Primary School.


In February 2012 I also obtained my licence for Zumbatomic, so now able to teach a great fitness workout to children ages 4-12. In June 2012 I successfully entered my 1st set of examiners at the Shrewsbury School.