Leah Tilley

Hi everyone I'm Leah and I started dancing at Caroline's at the age of 7. 


Caroline used to teach an After School Club at my Primary School in Bushbury which I started to attend for extra curriculum.  Enjoying it so much Caroline approached me how I felt about joining the dance school at a weekend.  I was excited and decided to try it out and I have been there ever since.


Now 19 years later my passion for dance and singing is still as strong as it always has been and I now teach Modern and Ballet to the younger students.


I have had many amazing experiences since dancing at Caroline's.  Dancing at The Royal Albert Hall in London, performing at Chance to Dance at Alton Towers and Winter Gardens at Blackpool.  A massive highlight for me woiuld have to be watching the Dream Girls at The Savoy Theatre in London.  Along with these amazing trips I have taken exams in subjects and received awards for doing so.  The feeling once you receive an award is an amazing feeling when it's your passion!



Working in a nursery, I spend a lot of time with younger children so teaching a young age is only natural for me.  Having a little brother with additional needs and having to learn to communicate through Makaton has become very useful as we have a range of diversity within the dance school meaning I am able to support some children in lessons with communication who also have additional needs.


Dancing will always be a big part of my life and I hope teaching my pupils, I can give them as much enjoyment as I have always had!