Emily Lowe


Hi, my names Emily and I’ve been part of the CLPA family since I was 3 years old.

When I was younger, outside of my family I was a very shy young girl, but it was clear from day one that dancing and singing was the one thing that allowed me to let go of that anxiety and shine.

Performing has always been a huge passion of mine, specialising in styles; Commercial, Modern/Jazz, Street, Tap, Contemporary and Musical Theatre.

Whilst being a member of CLPA I have been given opportunities that others would dream of, such as performing at DisneyLand Paris and being part of the Disney Mardi Gras parade. That was just the beginning for me.

Since then I have pushed myself taking part in workshops all over the UK, competing in UDO’s Street Dance World Championships in Glasgow, performing in amateur dramatic company ‘9 Productions’ and even nabbed lead roles with them and in CLPAs yearly dance shows. I have lead young students in their dance exams and have even taught dance classes at local primary schools.

I am now the Head of the Contemporary and Hip Hop classes at CPLA, with 3 young ladies - Lucy, Rachel and Aimee as my support, who I have been lucky enough to see grow from little girls to grown up young ladies with a passion the same as mine.

My personal motto is “when you feel like quitting, think about why you started”. My aim as a Teacher and a Friend here at CLPA, is to make all feel empowered and ensure they always remember to have fun in everything they do!