Caroline Smith


From the age of 3 I can always remember bopping around to a song on the radio or at family parties.  I attended a couple of local schools but never settled then at the age of 7 I saw a local advert for The Shayne Guiness Stage School.


They were looking for new students and for a summer school which was being launched through the holidays.  I thoroughly loved it!!  Loved the school and the teacher and this has led to a deep and lovely friendship with my teacher, mentor, peer and dear friend for 33 years.


I did many dance shows, theatre productions and played Oliver in "Oliver" and relished playing the talking trees in the "Wizard of OZ" (not so glamourous).  I have done fashion shows, talent shows to exams but at the age of 15 injured my knee after slipping on a wet floor dancing for charity in a show at a working mens club.  I remember saying it will be OK but it stopped my career as a dancer and my dream of having a career on the stage.  So I decided to divert and put all my energy into becoming a teacher.


I continued my training and exams and progressed with Shayne taking and supporting classes.  At the age of 16 my school headmaster asked me to do a few hours of dancing each day over the 6 week holidays to keep kids active.  I loved it, sharing my passion and here I met Louise (yes all those years ago)!


I continued with my teacher training and then opened The Caroline Lewis Dance School with Shayne's support.  I think the rest is history achieving so much and living it through my students and performing myself at Her Majestys Theatre to the Royal Albert Hall and to choreographing and performing in Euro Disney and marching in the parade to a street of our parents cheering and shouting and holding banners.  Inside I felt like I had won the lottery, I could not glow anymore with pride.


The school has grown in so many ways from the type of subjects we offer to our staff to our productions.  I have seen our pupils apply their initiative and work with other companies to expand their knowledge and experience, so many over the years to mention but all adding value and shining, representing our school's name.


My main drive is to pass my passion, my love of dance and drama to my students, to encourage and build confidence and show each and every student their inner abilities and help them grow. 


I could not have done any of this without the loyalty of my sister Samantha and Louise and my family.  The teaching staff have changed over the years currently the team are fantastic with immense loyalty and passion.


It’s been even more of a wonderful journey to share my passion and live with my daughters Katie and Lucy who both have danced and shared so many memories with me. Additionally they have both had individual success , memories and triumphs and that’s the greatest reward I can ask for.


I do hope reading this it will give you great belief that the school is reputable, passionate and the one for you!